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    E-Waste Recycling Movie

Our Recycling Center Movie

Thank you for visiting out recycling movie page, we are aiming to have more short documentaries about recycling for you shortly. For the moment we hope you enjoy this short movie about recycling computers, monitors and office e-waste. The movie was filmed on location at our headquarters and main recycling center in New Jersey. You can see in this short movie hundreds of old computers, monitors and IT equipment that has been collected from New York, (NYC), NJ, PA and surrounding States being de-manufactured.

The de-manufacturing process is the first stage towards recycling metals and plastics. Watch as our recycling engineers take apart each computer and monitor bit by bit, separating the comprising materials into glass, plastic and metal.

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Landfill FREE PC Disposal via Recycling

If you are wondering how to chuck out old pc’s or where to throwaway used computer equipment, wonder no more as we can help you. ‘Computer Disposal’ can pick up your old computers, monitors and IT equipment and dispose of it by recycling the comprising materials. When you choose ‘Computer Disposal’ to manage the disposal of your office computing equipment and monitors you are choosing the environmentally sound solution to e-waste management.

As you can see from this short movie we have thousands of clients that all made the choice to recycle their old office IT equipment and PC’s. We very much hope you will join them and help us keep our country’s landfill sites E-Waste FREE!
Recycling Your PC & Office IT Equipment    
Secure Disposal Of Old Computers and Office EquipmentThrow Away Old Computers and Electronics Safely - Call Us TodayDisposing of old computer hardware and office PC’sGetting rid of old PC’s via recycling materials

Why Recycle Old PC’s

From New York to California every business in the United States of America is disposing of their old, outmoded office computers and electronics by recycling them. The questions of “why recycle” has changed to “where to recycle” especially with amendments in the laws that state all electronics must be recycled. Dumping your old computer equipment and PC’s into the trash is now an illegal offense, punishable by hefty fines and possible imprisonment. Insuring your PC’s, monitors, servers and even phones are recycled correctly and legally is very important. We are a fully certified recycling business that is here to help you dispose of unwanted computers and electronic equipment safely, cleanly and above all legally.

“PC Disposal?

Our recycling and disposal services are designed to help your business or organisation dispose of all its office electronics. We work to strick State guidelines to ensure you do not have to worry about recycling laws. We also provide a range of services from collection to data wiping for extra added security.

“Peace of Mind Guaranteed When Your Office Recycles”

Although we offer a nationwide recycling service for PC’s and Office Equipment (anything with a plug) our primary recycling areas are Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, Maine, Washington and surrounding states.

To read more about why you should recycle and where to recycle old PC’s ‘click here’.

Arrange a Collect of Your Old PC’s

Has the time come to get rid of your old computers and office PC equipment? Do you need someone to help remove an entire network of PC’s or do you just have a few office computers, printers or copiers you need picking up? We can help; ‘our recycle IT’ service is designed to painlessly take away your obsolete computer equipment and hardware. With over 40 recycling trucks at your disposal we can clear even the largest of offices. Our recycling service can help your business in rapidly disposing of its unwanted obsolete computers, monitor screens, copiers, printer and office electronics. Even the largest of collections and removals, which can be well over a thousand obsolete or unwanted computer monitors, computers and PC hardware can take as little time as a few hours.

“A Fleet of Recycling Trucks at Your Disposal”

You can count on our reliable, fast and professional disposal collection service for all your computers and electrical office equipment. You will also be impressed by our pick-up prices and special ‘after collection services’ which includes hard drive data destruction and full materials recycling.

“A Low Cost High Level PC Recycling Service”

Call us today to arrange the safe collection of your office computing equipment, hardware, printers and copiers.
Telephone Us Today For PC Recycling When you need to get rid of your no longer used or unwanted computers and electronics we offer a pick-up services that cannot be beaten in quality of service.

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Computer Data Destruction Service

Are you thinking “what happens to the data on our old computers when we recycle them”? Many of our clients ask us if we can destroy the hard drives to ensure all data is wiped off the computer’s memory before they are recycled. We are pleased to announce that our hard drive data destruction service uses one of the most scientifically advanced technologies. You have probably heard of hard drive shredding but in truth if someone is really determined they could recover data from the remains of the magnetic disk inside. That’s why we use a system that ensures data can never be recovered.

“Making Science Fiction Science Fact”

We start by removing your old hard drive from the computer or server you want recycled. We then run through the hard drive an advanced software programme that deletes any residual data that might allow someone to recover your old business data. After the hard drive has had its data wiped clean we then run the drive or storage device through a high yield EMC that burns away any magnetic trace – leaving just metal, silicon and plastic.

“Total Data Destruction”

We don’t stop there, after the data has been wiped clean and the storage device frazzled by a massively powerful EMF we then have it taken apart so that the core materials can be melted down. There really is nothing left of your hard drive and data after our data wiping service is has run its cycle. Data destruction is one of our most popular services, we believe it’s because we offer one of the most advanced and thorough data destruction procedures in the USA.

Click here to learn more about the cost of this recycling service.

How to Recycle Old PC’s & Monitors

People are always amazed by the sheer quantity of plastic, glass and metals that come out of old office computers or unwanted office printers, fax machines or copiers when they are recycled. Few people however realize the amount of effort, time and skill it requires to disassemble for recycling these old office PC’s and Equipment. Some of the costs in labour can be reclaimed from recycling metals but materials like plastic and glass carry a very low value which means that although recycling is subsidized it can still result in a small fee being charged for the service.

“The Cost of Computer Recycling”

The cost of computer recycling is small compared to the cost of the damage to our environment if we do not recycle electronics and office equipment. Our service aims to ensure a landfill FREE computer recycling service that is affordable to every size of business. It takes a little more time to recycle but everyone agrees it is worth recycling your old PC and computer monitor if it means a greener planet.

“Landfill FREE Computer Recycling”

We have made a few short films to show you just what’s involved in recycling and managing PC waste and trashed computer monitors. The film is shot in our New Jersey recycling facility and the batch of computers you are seeing be recycled are from a client in New York (NYC). The film shows some of the most advanced recycling equipment and technology in the world being used to process CRT monitors. We hope you enjoy the movie.

Click here for a list of movies about disposing of old unwanted office PC monitors and recycling old office computers.

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