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Recycle Servers & Data Storage Devices

Do you need to dispose of your organizations or business’s servers? Are you worried about data held on the hard disk drives of your old servers? Do you need someone to help dismantle server rooms or large server racks? Are you wondering what the State recycling laws are for server disposal? Finally are you asking “who can manage the safe, professional disposal of your servers and data storage devices”?

We can help, welcome to ‘Computer Disposal‘, server collection, disposal, data destruction and computer recycling is our core area of expertise – call us today for more info or click here to send us a message. Recycling Servers

What type of server do you need recycled?

Special note: in the following listed States you must have your office servers disposed of via recycling (recycled means taken apart so the plastics and alloys can be melted down and reclaimed, keeping landfills free of e-waste), these States now classify Servers, memory storage devices and IT equipment as hazardous solid e-waste: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York City (and NY), North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington. Please be aware that this website may not have been updated to show States that have recently passed these e-waste control laws, we recommend recycling as the preferred option for all States in the USA.

It is very important to let us know what type of server or servers you need disposing of. Listed below are the standard types of servers we can recycle. If the servers you need recycled are not on the below list please contact us we may still be able to help.

List of Types Servers Recycled:

Server (standard computer server) collection and disposal service offered as basic package, recommended method of disposal is recycling metals and plastics; data hard drive wiping is advised.

List of Types Servers Recycled

Application servers (this type of server is dedicated to running software applications) data hard drive wiping recommended, we offer a collection and disposal service for this type of server, the standard method of disposal for Application servers is recycling.

Communications server (this is a carrier-grade computing platform mainly for communications networks) we advise hard disk drive destruction, collection and disposal service offered for Communications servers, the standard method of disposal is recycling.

Database server, all servers holding data especially database servers should have their hard drives wiped and destroyed. A disposal collection service is offered, all database servers are recycled.

Fax server (servers that provide fax services for clients) we recommend that your fax servers be disposed of via materials recycling and that all disks, memory and hard drives be wiped clean.

File server (servers that provide file services and data storage) all data and files held on a file server should be deleted, we recommend our data destruction services. If you need to book a collection for disposal of your file servers please remember to specify if the servers have CRT or flat screen monitors.

Game server (for clients that provide online video game clients) data destruction non essential but still recommended, please let us know if you need your game servers disassembled at your location before removal for recycling disposal.

Office server (a office server might be used for backups or basic data storage) even if you have deleted all the files on your office server we strongly advise that you have the servers memory and hard disk drives wiped and destroyed. We offer a collection, disposal and recycling service for all brands of office servers.

Print server (a server that provides printer services for your office network), full recycling service offered including collection from your location for disposal.

Proxy server (a server that provides database and other IT requirements), we strongly recommend our data and file wiping and hard disk destruction package. For collections please let us know how the Proxy servers are housed, if you require any disassembly assistance prior to disposal we can assist.

Standalone server, (is a client-server sometimes used for web-based programs), standalone servers are relatively easy to collect, if you require your standalone servers hard drives wiped please let us know. Disposal method for standalone servers is recycling though reconditioning options are available upon request (see services and fee’s).

Web server, (a web server allows HTTP clients to connect to it – this server may contain databases and applications) we strongly recommend that all harddrives (please see our HD data destruction service) and memory storage be wiped clean and destroyed. Please specify how your web servers are housed (e.g. racks) and the volume of servers prior to collection. All web servers are disposed of via recycling (landfill free policy).

Web Feed Server, collection for disposal service offered, data destruction service recommended – please let us know if you have need of our on-location disassembly for removal services. When disposing of a Web Feed Server please be advised that it is illegal to dump e-waste into the trash, which includes keyboards, mice and monitors – please let us know everything you need recycled prior to our arrival.

Client-server, (a server that separates "server" functions from "client" functions), for the safe removal and disposal of client servers please let us know how the server is housed and an approximation of its height, width and depth. We are able to pickup Client servers from your office or location for disposal but need to ensure we send the right sized disposal truck. Data wiping and hard-drive destruction recommended. We offer a full recycling service for all makes of client servers.

The X Server, if you have an X Server system please contact us today to arrange a pickup for disposal. CPU recycling services include the disposal and recycling of monitor screens (including CRT), keyboards, networks, routers, hubs, network cables, keyboards, etc. Please specify how much peripheral IT equipment you need collecting prior to our arrival.

Peer-to-peer (peer to peer is a network of computers running as both servers and clients), our computer network collection, disposal and recycling services are offered separately from our data destruction services. Please specify how many computers you need recycled on the network and the machines that require hard drive destruction and wiping. If you need help with the disassembly of your computer network prior to organizing a pickup for disposal we can help. Pickup for disposal and recycling fees vary according to quantity of network computers and the location we are collecting from.

Catalog servers, (also known as distributed servers for information networks), the standard method of disposal is recycling, hard drive data destruction and file wiping is offered with this service.
Click Here To Arrange A Collection of Your Old, Used, Broken or Obselete Servers.
Click Here for More Information about how to throwaway Obsolete Servers & How To Ensure Their Hard Drives Are Wiped Clean / Destroyed.

Removal of used, old, unwanted, servers

Our experienced disposal technicians are capable of assisting in per removal dismantlement of all servers, racks and storage devices prior to collection. If you need to dispose of your old, used, broken or unwanted office and business servers and think you might need help dismantling them prior to pickup please call us today – if out of hours please CLICK HERE to send us a message.

Special Note: Computer Disposal offers removal services for all type of racked equipment which includes dismantling complete server rooms so unwanted equipment can be safely removed from your premises. This dismantle prior to disposal service extends to all servers, minisuper, mainframe equipment, supermini, telephone equipment and networks.

Organize a Server Collection for Disposal

Please specify what type of servers or server you need to arrange a pickup for, please include the number of switches, routers, gateways, servers and cables that you need to get rid of. Please do not throw away server equipment such as keyboards and monitors, this equipment is also considered solid e-waste and needs to be recycled.

If you have large servers and racks that you need recycled please provide an approximate measurement of width, height and depth along with the quantity so we can send the appropriately sized disposal truck and collection team.

Click Here to send a question or to organize a collection estimation or call us today (office hours 9am to 5pm EST)

ServerDisposal Via Recycling

Server Data Destruction

Servers require additional special care because they can contain sensitive data which might consist of private or business critical information. We recommend that our clients wishing to dispose of their used, old and even broken servers ask us to have all drives removed from their servers and destroyed.

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