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Recycling Process for Servers

Do you need to recycle redundant, used Apple Mac servers or redundant Unix and Windows servers? Our server disposal service includes the removal of all racked equipment and the dismantlement of entire server rooms for taking away from your premises for destruction. Even if it’s a Pentium Server, PowerPC, floor or rack mounted server, we can disassemble and transport your unwanted office and business servers from any premises to our recycling center for complete dismantling and recycling.

Apple Macintosh Servers, Dell Poweredge servers, Compaq Proliant Servers and Sun Servers are the most common type of computer systems we manage as e-waste. We also manage the safe and secure disposal of every other type of server both obsolete and modern but we will require a description of the shape (Depth, Width and Height) and where possible the brand to ensure we send the right type of disposal trucks and recycling team.

To start the process of recycling your used servers please CLICK HERE for an on-line enquiry or call our head office (office opening times 9am to 5pm EST):

Server Collection for Disposal

List Of Servers Types Recycled:
  • Application server disposal collection
  • Catalog server disposal collection
  • Client-server disposal collection
  • Communications disposal collection
  • Database server disposal collection
  • Fax server disposal collection
  • File server disposal collection
  • Game server disposal collection
  • Home server disposal collection
  • Mainframes disposal collection
  • Peer-to-peer disposal collection
  • Print server disposal collection
  • Proxy server disposal collection
  • Server disposal collection
  • Sound server disposal collection
  • Standalone server disposal collection
  • The X Server disposal collection
  • Web Feed Server disposal collection
  • Web server disposal collection

What happens to our old servers data when they are recycled?

Server Data and Hard drive wiping

The biggest concern many businesses, governmental agencies and organizations have about recycling servers is that deleted information on the hard drive might be recovered. Our server recycling process starts with the removal and serial number tagging of every hard disk drive we get given the task of recycling. We record all server hard drives and storage device serial number so we can follow each drive through the destruction process and report back to you a full inventory report and history of each drive destroyed.

We do recycle the alloys and plastics held in a hard drive by melting them down but this only occurs after we’ve destroyed the servers’ memory and the servers’ hard disks. We have one of the most advanced data destruction systems in the world. Each hard drive removed from your old server is formatted with data purging software that removes all information (even deleted files) from the drive and memory (RAM is also destroyed). After the hard drive has been wiped clean it is then sterilized by a massive electromagnetic field generator, effectively an EMP is run through the drive the effects of which result in the total obliteration of any magnetic data, rendering the server hard drive useless and unrecoverable. Each Hard drive disk is then dismantled (not shredded) to ensure all key components are separated and destroyed via a smelting process. It doesn’t get better than this.

To learn more about server hard drive data destruction CLICK HERE or call us today.

Additional server equipment that we can collect and recycled

  • computer network cables recycled
  • Routers collected & recycled
  • Switches collected & recycled
  • hubs collected & recycled
  • gateways collected & recycled
  • access points collected & recycled
  • network interface cards
  • network bridges collected & recycled
  • modems collected & recycled
  • ISDN adapters collected & recycled
  • firewalls collected & recycled
  • Storage hardware collected & recycled
  • Monitors / Screens collected & recycled
  • Keyboards collected & recycled
  • Power Units collected & recycled

How to dispose of a server

How to dispose of a server
We dispose of servers in accordance with National and State e-waste management laws. Your old servers are collected and disposed of by recycling their materials (plastic and metals). Even server monitors, keyboards and mice are recycled along with any network equipment; including switches, routers, gateways, network cables and printers. Each server is dismantled by hand and separated into circuit boards, cases, wires, CPU’s and power supplies. These components of your old office server are then dismantled further and smelted to reclaim their manufacturing properties (metals).

We have specialized recycling equipment designed in the USA and UK to help dismantle the dangerous components from your servers. These new tech recycling systems include CRT separation units and vacuum machines designed to manage your servers e-waste cleanly and within recycling regulations. Our facility holds both recycling permits for air and environmental pollution control. We are able to keep 99% of your old office or business servers out of landfills. Our goal is to provide a server recycling service that is landfill free!

Server Recycling and Disposal

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