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Disposing of Your Office Laptops

Is your business upgrading its laptops, do you need to dispose of your old laptops? Computer Disposal is a State registered IT disposal recycling center for all office and e-waste electronics including PC’s, Laptops and Notebooks. Our specialist recycling service provides an all encompassing e-waste solution from the collection of your old, used, unwanted or broken laptops to destroying your laptop hard drives and disks and recycling their materials.

It’s not just laptop recycling we offer, we are also able to recondition laptops for your employee’s to buy back or for you to donate your old laptops to charities.

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Laptop and Notebook Disposal Via Recycling

Who Do We Recycle Laptops For?

We recycle IT equipment and laptops for a large variety of clients all over the USA. Our core recycling sectors are as follows:
  • Laptop disposal for Private Businesses
  • Recycling Laptops for Institutions
  • Disposal of Laptops for SME Organizations
  • Disposing of Laptops for Accounting Firms
  • Disposing of Laptops for Legal Firms
  • Recycling and Disposal for Governmental Agencies
  • Laptop Disposal for Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Scientific Researching & Development Enterprises
If you are in charge of disposing of your organizations used, obsolete or broken laptops and notebooks you’ve come to the right place. Our laptop recycling program can offer you the following:
  • Laptop Pickup / Collection for Disposal from any location in the USA
  • Data Disk Hard Destruction (data wiping and disk destruction)
  • Laptop Reconditioning Options
  • Disposal via Materials Recycling (Landfill Free Disposal)
  • Laptop De-Manufacturing and Systems Auditing
To learn more about the options available to your business about laptop disposal and recycling call us today or CLICK to send us your questions.
Laptop Recycled For Disposal

Why Recycle a Laptop

It is important that you do not throwaway your old laptops with the office trash or get rid of your unwanted laptops into a dumpster or as junk. In many States if you throwaway your unwanted laptops and notebooks you are committing an offense and will be prosecuted. New recycling laws have classified Laptops as solid waste that needs to be disposed of by recycling, not dumping. Computer Disposal is part of a Nationwide effort to help your business recycle it’s used, broken or scrap Laptops. Our aim is to provide you with an effortless way to dispose of your laptops and notebooks that is both compliant with State regulations and hassle free.

We can help you dispose of all laptops by collecting and recycling them for you, our recycling center is equipped with leading edge technology that ensures 95% of your old laptop can be reclaimed as plastic and metal. This means that hardly any of your old computing equipment ends up being wasted. We pride ourselves on a Landfill FREE laptop and computer disposal service.

How is a Laptop Recycled

After we’ve collected your laptops (or you may choose to send them to us) we sort them into types and models. Once sorted our recycling engineers go to work dismantling them, each laptop or notebook is taken apart one bolt at a time and separated into; metals, plastic and circuit boards.

If you’ve ordered our data destruction service the laptops hard drive is removed, wiped clean of data and then destroyed.

Once the laptop has been disposed of we send the metals and plastics off for recycling. Laptops mostly contain circuit boards; it is possible to reclaim the metals from this circuitry by a chemical extraction process. As you can imagine the cost of this process is quite high and you may be wondering if it’s easier just to dump the laptop with the trash into a big hole in the earth (landfill). You are right laptop recycling is an intensive business but it is the best alternative to any other form of disposal.

Pickups & Collections of Old Laptops Ready for the Trash

The client is not charged a fee for the laptop recycling process they are asked only to pay for the collection or any specialized services such as data wiping or any specialized disassembly costs. For a on-line estimation please CLICK HERE and let us know how many laptops you need disposing of and the location you need them collecting from. You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how affordable recycling your laptops can be.

Laptop Disposal & Recycling Centers

Our head office is based in New Jersey however we also provide laptop and notebook recycling for the following States:
  • Connecticut Laptop Recycling Center CT.

  • Delaware Laptop Recycling Center DE.

  • Massachusetts Laptop Recycling Center MA.

  • Maryland Laptop Recycling Center MD.

  • Maine Laptop Recycling Center ME.

  • New York including NYC Laptop Recycling Center NY.

  • New Jersey Laptop Recycling Center NJ.

  • New Hampshire Laptop Recycling Center NH.

  • Pennsylvania Laptop Recycling Center PA Penn

  • Vermont Laptop Recycling Center VT.

  • Virginia Laptop Recycling Center VA.
If you need your company’s laptops collected for disposal and recycling please contact us today – office hours are from 9am to 5pm EST or click here for an on-line quote or question.
Laptop Collection for Disposal and Recycling

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