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E-Waste Recycling Law & Legislation

Are you asking the question “how do I get rid of our old office computers and equipment”? The answer is simple, by law you need to dispose of all unwanted PC equipment, copiers, printers and fax machines at a recycling center. You cannot throwaway your old computer equipment with the regular trash because of modern changes in electronics disposal laws.

“Why Have Disposal Laws Changed”

Prior to revisions in recycling legislation old PC’s and computer hardware usually ended up in landfill sites around the USA. A discovery was made that toxins from components found in PC’s, computers monitors, and other electronic office equipment might leak into the ground. It is feared that these pollutants could work their way into the water tables and subsequently poison the very water we drink.
PC Recycling Laws

“Landfill Free Computer Recycling”

Most States have now made it mandatory that all electronic devices from cell phones to computers have to be recycled, with the aim of keeping landfills free of electronic waste (E-Waste). Any business needing to dispose of their old or unused PC’s or computing equipment must organize the safe collection and disposal via a State approved electronics recycler. If a business is caught dumping their old PC’s or disposing of their unwanted office computer equipment with the regular trash they will be subject to prosecution.

“Protect Your Business From Prosecution”

Our PC disposal service allows you to get rid of all unwanted computer and electrical devices legally. Our New-Tech Recycling State registered disposal center carries approved permits for recycling all E-Waste including CRT monitors (Computer Screens that use Cathode Ray Tubes). When you choose us to help dispose of your business's broken or unwanted computers and computing equipment you are making the right choice for both the environment and your organization.

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Pick Up PC for Disposal

Getting It Picked Up From Your Office

“I need to dispose of our offices old PC’s and computer hardware, who can collect it”? WE CAN! We offer a wide range of pick-up collection services. If you’re a small business and only have a few PC’s you’ll probably just need someone to collect your scrap computers. Not a problem we can help. We also help larger organisations that might have a need for a disassembly team to work at your location. Our fleet of disposal trucks come with teams that are trained to remove even the most complex computer networks including telephone systems, call centers, server racks and bulky office equipment.

“Removing Even the Bulkiest Office Equipment”

Large Servers, Old Photocopiers, Obsolete Networks and even Old Computer Monitors can all be collected and removed from your business premises with the minimal of interruption to your business day. We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and professional collection for disposal service, to organize a collection Call Us Today for Office Recycling.

“What’s The Cost Of Our Scrap PC Pick Up Service?”

Our fee for collecting old office equipment and PC’s is relatively small, the cost can alter according to the quantity of old computer equipment you need collecting and where you need them picking up from.

Collecting of Old Office Computers

Nationwide PC Recycling

Our standard collection zones cover Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New York including NYC, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and Washington DC. We offer an extended nationwide coverage for bulk collections of PC’s, office equipment and waste electronics.

“Getting Rid of Old Office Computers & Electronic Equipment”

Don’t forget if you have items other than PC’s that need to be recycled please let us know so that we arrive to collect your E-Waste we are properly equipped to manage the disposal safely.

Other than collections you can arrange to drop your old computer equipment in to us for recycling. We also offer a dispatch service that always you to send us old office equipment. Please call us to find out more or CLICK HERE to send us a question.

Data Security & Recycling Audits

Important: When disposing of, or recycling servers, computers and data storage devices please be sure to enquire about our data destruction and recyclers auditing service.Call Us Today for Office Recycling

“Data Destruction Process”

Even after you’ve deleted business files from your hard drive or computer memory information can still be recovered. We offer a total data destruction service that ensures all data is permanently wiped clean from a computers’ memory. Our data destruction service consists of three levels for data wiping. Level one starts with a software programme that provides a data purge, removing all data and files from the disk. Level two consists of your old computers’ hard drive been fed through a massive magnetic field that totally destroys the data disk. Level three results in the hard drive being dismantled and melted down. When you choose us to recycle your old PC’s or office’s servers we don’t mess around. When it comes to data destruction we take our work very seriously. Be sure to ask about our computer memory wiping service when you are disposing of your business computers and servers.
Getting Rid of Office Computers

“Getting a PC Recycling Audit Done”

When you request our PC Recycling Audit service we will send back to you a full audit report that provides confirmation of every PC you have sent being dismantled, destroyed and the materials recycled in accordance with Tri State and National Recycling Laws.
PC Hardware Recycling

Office Equipment Accepted for Recycling

  • PC’s and Workstations
  • Computer Monitors & Screens
  • Servers
  • Memory Storage Devices
  • Laptops
  • CPU Disposal
  • Cell Phones
  • Telephone Systems
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Photocopiers
  • Toner
  • Cartridges
  • Networks
  • Hubs
  • Mainframe Disposal
  • All Computer Related Electronics
  • All Office Electronics
If it’s not on the above list we may still be able to help:
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or if it’s out of office hours please click here and send us your request.

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