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Many clients ask us; “how to dispose of computers & servers securely, ensuring that in the process any data and confidential files held on the hard drive, disk drives or external drives and memory devices are wiped clean and removed for every”.

To answer any questions you have about deleting files and removing hard drives before a computer is thrown away or recycled we recommend you read about our data destruction and hard drive destruction services by CLICKING HERE.

In summary however, if you need to get rid of or throw out old, used and even broken PC’s, servers, laptops and workstations we can help ensure that your business’s confidential data is permanently removed and destroyed from your hard drive and memory storage devices. This service is also extendable to cell phones, PDA’s and notebooks or any IT office equipment that stores data, applications, files, documents, pictures and databases of any kind.

To arrange an on-line estimation for the collection of your offices computer hardware for recycling and data wiping please CLICK HERE for an on-line quote or call us today.


Many clients ask us; “where can we drop off our old unwanted office computers and IT equipment for disposal or recycling”, we usually respond by suggesting they organize a collection, though if a client only has a few PC’s and monitors they want to get rid of we can direct them to one of our recycling drop-of-points nearest to them.

We also get asked; “what happens to a computer when it gets recycled”, the answer depends usually on what the client is looking for. If it’s just a case of computer disposal we tend to take apart the PC’s and servers to recycle their plastics and metals, helping keep computer junk out of the trash and subsequent landfill sites where they can pollute the earth.

However we can also dispose of computers by reconditioning them for further use, many clients ask us to donate their old business PC’s, laptops and computer monitors to charities when possible. In some cases there can be some tax advantages for you by donating. Other clients ask us to clean up their old PC’s so they can be redeployed to another office. For more information about PC disposal and recycling please CLICK HERE.


Our New Tech recycling facility holds copyrights for cutting edge technology on monitor disposal hardware that we invented. We also have imported specialized CRT monitor processing for recycling equipment that helps manage the problem of recycling cathode ray tube computer screens and TV sets.

Monitors are found in every type of business from computer monitors, to security monitoring screens, the list is endless as is the variation in type, size, shape and make. Thankfully we are well equipped to manage all makes and models of monitors, which means that you do not need to find someone to recycle your computers and someone else to manage the disposal of your computer screens – WE CAN DO IT ALL!

Many States have made it illegal to dump computer monitors with the everyday trash because they contain toxic elements that can be hazardous to the environment. Did you know that many CRT monitors contain large amounts of lead, we all know how dangerous lead can be that’s why we aim to make monitor disposal a landfill FREE process. To learn more about how we recycle the old computer monitors and screens’ that you want to throwaway CLICK HERE.


We often get requests to help disassemble equipment held at the clients’ location; removing racks of severs, networks, telephone systems and even lighting has been asked in the past. If we can help we will, just let us know what you need removing and we will try and work out the best way of disposing of it for you.

It’s important to note that our collection for disposal service is just one of many collection and shipment services that we can offer. In the example of computer reconditioning we are sometimes asked to collect old computers, clean them and even fix them and then deliver the PC’s (once reconditioned) to an alternative address.

You don’t have to use us to collect your trash PC’s, Servers, Laptops and Office IT equipment, we also take deliveries if you want to schedule one yourself through a third party or you may have your own trucks that could be used instead. Dropping off old PC’s and monitors is easy but you do need to schedule it with us so we can ensure that there are people are side who are ready to help unpack your unwanted electronics.

CLICK HERE to arrange a pickup of your old office equipment and computers.
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