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Do you need to send your used or old computers to the Junk Yard? Please select the State your business is located in for more information on office equipment pick-ups and PC collections:

Connecticut Junk Yard for Computer Disposal & Recycling – CT.

PC recycling centers or computer junk yards is a term commonly used by people to search for office computer and IT equipment disposal companies. Junk yards in Connecticut are primarily designed to manage domestic appliances. In addition the term Connecticut recycling centers may well refer to a materials recycling plant that handles plastic and metals that have been collected and sorted by a disposal for recycling company. Computer Disposal accepts your old, used or broken office PC’s, printers, copiers and computer monitors, servers’ etc but combines both the junk yard and recycling center with a high tech or what we call Newtech de-manufacturing service. This Newtech service is very different from a regular junk yard or recycling center in many ways, one of the most noticeable differences is that we offer businesses and organizations in Connecticut with specialized PC and server disposal management that includes destroying data and hard disk drives, PC auditing and the option to recondition for resell or to recycle.

Please be aware that in 2007 the State of Connecticut passed laws making it illegal to dump e-waste (computers, monitors and other office IT equipment), all e-waste must be recycled. Click Here for more information about our PC and monitor recycling services for Connecticut and to arrange a pickup for disposal / recycling of all your office IT equipment.

Delaware Computer Disposal & Recycling Junk Yard – DE.

In truth you could call any computer recycling center in Delaware a junk yard for PC’s but this description tends to conjure up a mental picture of an archetypal junk yard with thousands of PC’s and monitors stacked up on the mud of a scrap yard. This is far from the case because PC recycling centers in Delaware are so new there are many different terms flying around, computer junk yard, PC scrap yard, IT recyclers, the list is endless. At Computer Disposal we like to keep it simple – whether your computers and monitors are trash, junk, scrap or garbage it makes no difference to us, you need them disposed of, we do that by recycling them.

Our recycling facility offers a high quality service at a low cost, if your business or organization is based in Delaware and you have computer equipment including PC’s, monitors, servers, copiers and printers that you need to get rid of Click Here to learn more and arrange a pickup.

Massachusetts Disposal & Recycling Junk Yard for Computers – MA.

Are you asking “where is my nearest PC junk yard in Massachusetts”? PC junk yards or computer recycling centers in Massachusetts (MA) are pretty much the same thing. Welcome to ‘Computer Disposal’ we are here to help you dispose of all your unwanted office electrical equipment, from servers to pc monitors, to photocopiers to computer networks we can help with anything that’s classified as e-waste. We’re not like an ordinary scrap or junk yard in Massachusetts, nor are we like a standard PC recycling center. Our primary goal is to help you dispose of your unwanted, used and even broken office IT equipment from computer monitors right down to the keyboard and mouse safely by recycling it.

In many States it’s now illegal to dump your junk or trash PC’s and monitors, mainly due to the toxins found in them. That’s why we’ve created this site to help you dispose of your old computers, servers, laptops and monitors in an eco friendly way for Massachusetts (MA). In truth PC, Server and Laptop recycling is by far the most secure way of getting rid of unwanted or outmoded computer equipment. We offer on request a data destruction service for all CPU’s that are recycled. Be sure to ask us about it – Click Here to learn more about computer disposal in Massachusetts (MA) and to arrange a pickup.

Maryland Junk Yard for PC Disposal & Recycling - MD

Maryland was one of the first States to pass e-waste management laws all the way back in 2005. Many other States followed and now like Maryland it has been made illegal to dump trashed or junk PC’s, computer screens and monitors. Thanks to Maryland’s good sense all electronic waste (e-waste) from office servers to laptops and small electronic devices has to be recycled by law. With millions of old telephone and computer systems being scrapped each year as they reach the end of their life’s you can probably imagine the PC junk Yards and Computer Recycling Centers of Maryland brimming to the roof with scrap PC’s,monitors and electronics. The truth is, our website; ‘Computer Disposal is helping Maryland stay on top of the demand for PC, monitor and computer equipment disposal via recycling.

CLICK HERE to learn more about sending your old IT equipment to the Junk Yard or Recycling Center in Maryland.

Maine PC Disposal & Recycling Junk Yard - ME

Maine is one of the top 3 first States to ban computer and electronics dumping in landfill sites in the entire Nation. In 2004 Maine made it illegal for businesses to dump their e-waste, which meant things like unwanted computers, used monitors; broken or obsolete PC’s all needed to be recycled. This didn’t just mean that a company had to send its old servers, PC’s, monitors and laptops to some sort of computer junk yard, it actually meant that these electronic devices including printers and copiers need to be sent to a specialized computer recycling center.

‘Computer Disposal’ is here to help the good businesses and organizations of Maine keep up the good work in protecting the plant. Combining the junk yard with the recycling center we are able to offer any business that needs to dispose of their old office computers servers’ laptops and IT equipment a pickup for disposal service and specialized computer recycling services including data destruction. Click Here to learn more and to arrange the collection of your junk PC’s and IT equipment.

New York & NYC Disposal & Recycling Junk Yard for PC’s - NY

The term Computer Junk Yard or PC Recycling Center is commonly used by people to search for companies specializing in the disposal of office computers, PC monitors and IT equipment in New York and NYC. Junk yards in New York are primarily designed to manage domestic e-waste appliances such as fridges and TV’s. In addition the term New York (and NYC) recycling centers may well refer to a materials recycling plant that handles plastic and metals that have been collected and sorted by a trash collection and disposal company. Our website ‘Computer Disposal’ has been designed to help cut out the confusion, we accept your old, used or broken office PC’s, printers, copiers and computer monitors and even servers. We replace both the NY junk yard and NY recycling center with a high tech or what we call Newtech de-manufacturing service that includes both and more. This all-in-one New York PC disposal and recycling service is able to offer everything from picking up your junk / scrap IT equipment to destroying data and hard disk drives, we even offer the options to recondition for resell or to recycle metals and plastics.

Please be aware that in 2008 NYC passed laws making it illegal to dump e-waste (computers, monitors and other office IT equipment), all e-waste must be recycled. We can manage all your recycling and disposal needs Click Here for more information about our PC and monitor recycling services for NY and to arrange a pickup.

New Jersey PC & Computer Monitor Junk Yard - NJ

Since the introduction of e-waste and computer disposal laws in 2008 New Jersey’s Junk Yards and PC Recycling Centers have been flat out trying to meet the demand from businesses that need help in recycling their old, used and unwanted office electronics.
Computer monitors to racks of servers have all been mounting up in the lines of e-waste that’s waiting to be recycled. ‘Computer Disposal’ has risen out of this need to recycle and combined trash collection, with junk yard and recycling center facilities to provide an all-in-one e-waste management center that is capable of getting rid of any size or quaintly of junk computers, PC monitors, servers, telephone systems, printers, copiers and just about anything in your office with a plug on it within a matter of days.

New Jersey may have only recently joined the environmentally sound solution to recycle PC’s and e-waste management but we are proud to say NJ is rapidly becoming a nationwide leader in the safe disposal of computer equipment. If your business is located in NJ (New Jersey) and you need to dispose of your junk, scrap or used computer hardware and electronics CLICK HERE.

New Hampshire Computer & PC Monitor Junk Yard - NH

Are you looking for a computer junk yard to take away your unwanted office PC’s, servers, laptops, printers and copiers? Do you want to dispose of your old computer equipment and monitors by having it recycled? Are you wondering what PC disposal and computer recycling is all about? ‘Computer Disposal’ is here to help you, if your based in New Hampshire don’t send your old, used or broken Computers and monitors to the junk yard, send them to us or allow us to collect them for materials recycling.

Our aim is to dispose of all office and business e-waste from computers to telephones in an environmentally safe way. It might sound like a hassle but we would like to assure you that we offer a safe and secure computer disposal for recycling services that is 100% hassle free. If your business is based New Hampshire and you want to learn more about recycling your junk, scrap or unwanted PC’s and office equipment please CLICK HERE.

Pennsylvania Junk Yard for Computer Screens and PC Equipment -PA

Junk Yards and Recycling Centers all over Penn are working hard to create a better future for generations to come. E-Waste Recycling Legislation in many States has made it illegal for businesses of all size to dump or fling out old computers, monitors, servers, laptops and even phones because they can end up in landfill sites where they can poison the water we drink and the land we grow food on. The State of Pennsylvania is yet to outlaw e-waste dumping though we are all hoping they act in time to meet what has now become a global concern. To help ‘Computer Disposal is offering any business in Pennsylvania an Eco friendly disposal via recycling service including collection of all and any old, out-of-use or obsolete computers, PC monitors, servers, laptops and all office IT equipment from printers to copiers, networks to telephones from your office.

Click Here to learn more about keeping the Junk Yards of Pennsylvania free of toxic waste and arranging a pickup for your offices unwanted computers, printers and monitors.

Vermont PC Recycling Junk Yard

In a very short period of time 17 States plus New York City passed E-Waste Laws that outlaw the dumping of electronics such as computers and printers from your office. This is enough to tell most people that getting rid of your office PC’s, Monitors and IT Equipment safely is a very serious issue. So serious is the issue that the USA is even looking into banning the export of E-Waste to third world counties, due to the fact that materials held in e-waste can be harmful to life and the environment. Yet oddly enough Vermont still allows its businesses to dump their unwanted computers, monitors and office IT equipment in with the regular trash. Fears that toxic materials held in computers, printers, monitors and even keyboards might leek into the environment and poison Vermont’s drinking water and food is one of the largest concerns. Take a look at the BBC world news report on toxins found in computers: BBC PC RECYCLING CLICK HERE

If you are in charge of disposing of your offices junk PC’s, computer monitors and IT equipment please contact us, we can take away all your trash computer equipment and recycle the metals and plastics – keeping it out of your landfill sites and helping keep Vermont clean for generations to come. CLICK HERE

Virginia Computer Equipment Junk Yard

Businesses and organizations of Virginia, an unfortunate by-product of today's fast-moving computerized age is that millions of tons of obsolete IT equipment ends’ up being discarded each year. Estimates suggest that within the next 2 years, 100 million phones and 300 million PC’s will be thrown into Junk Yards and Landfill Sites, causing pollution damage that may last for thousands of years. ‘Computer Disposal’ is here to help, we dispose of all types of computers, from servers to laptops, PC’s to mainframes, and we also dispose of CRT monitors and takeaway just about any office device with a plug on it for recycling. Recycled IT equipment and computers keeps them out of landfills and junk yards which results in ZERO pollution. Virginia is an e-waste free State, that means it is a criminal offence to dump your old office PC’s, computer monitors and IT equipment, it must be collected and recycled.

To arrange a collection and to find out more about throwing away your office equipment, PC’s and monitors in Virginia please Click Here.

Junk Yards for Computer Disposal & PC Recycling all other States

In 2003 California was the first State to pass e-waste management laws; in 2004 the State of Maine was soon to follow which then saw Maryland in 2005 and Washington 2006 bring in new laws to prevent e-waste being dumped with the regular trash. In 2007 studies showing that computers, monitors and other such IT equipment contain Lead, Arsenic, Antimony trioxide, Polybrominated, Selenium in, Cadmium in, Chromium, Cobalt and the deadly Mercury. When this became public knowledge Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina all became supporters of e-waste legislation which made it illegal for a business to throwaway their old computers, monitors, printers and copiers. As a result all this used or junk IT equipment now needs to be collected and recycled to ensure it never ended up in the ground.

In 2008 New Jersey, New York City, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Hawaii , Rhode Island and Illinois all passed new e-waste recycling laws bringing the total of States that now make it mandatory to recycle your office computers, printers, copiers and PC monitors to 17. For more information and to organize a collection please CLICK HERE even if you are not in a State that has no recycling laws but want to do the right thing please contact us, we are here to help.

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