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Eco Friendly Computer Recycling & DisposalComputer & Electronics Disposal Service
Collection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle old Computers and WorkstationsCollection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle Office Servers and Storage DevicesDisposal of old Laptop ComputersPickup Service for the safe Disposal and Recycling of Printer Cartridges and TonersRecycling Collection Service for Office Equipment, Printers, Copiers, PC and Telephone Electronicstrash collection service for all computer equipment
    Organizing a pickup of your old unwanted office computers, monitors, servers, printers, copiers and IT equipment

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Help Recycling IT Equipment

Please ensure that you include your contact name, the name of your organization, firm, company, agency or governmental department. We will also require a telephone number that we can reach you on with dialling codes, if you have an extension number please include it by typing ex: and the number after your telephone number; e.g. 212 720 1111 ex1234. It is also very important that your contact e-mail address also be added. We will aim to respond as quickly as is possible – thank you for choosing to contact Computer Disposal

How Much Do You Need Recycling

Please help our administration team in identifying your recycling equipments by selecting one of the quantities listed below. If you need to recycle more than 1000 items please call our head office directly on 732-564-3110 please ask to speak to Shannon, Executive Account Handler or Joe Kostick Facility Manager or James Entwistle, the President. If you have an entire network of computers or telephones that needs removing and are unsure of the exact quantity just take an approximate guess, one of our representative will contact you to help.

Recycling Services

If you do not require our collection service and want to ship your unwanted computer equipment and office electronics to us instead then please let us know in the below box and include your address so that we will be able to send you the delivery address of our nearest recycling center or drop-off-point. If you require any special services such as data destruction, on-location disassembly or reconditioning for relocation please also let us know in the below box along with any questions you may have. We will contact you to help.

List of Accepted Materials

We can dispose of anything that you want to throw away with a plug on the end of it. All office electronics, computers, PC monitors, servers, laptops, networks and mainframes are collected for recycling. We also dispose of large photocopiers, office copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines. Our materials recycling department can also dispose of electrical machinery, industrial and manufacturing e-waste including faulty circuit boards & scrap metals. For a fuller list of what we can collect and recycle please CLICK HERE - We are happy to try & help.
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