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Recycling for Toners and Printer Cartridges

Reasons to Recycle Toners and Printer Cartridges

Recycling Toners & Cartridges Printer cartridges and photocopier toners are classified as hazardous waste and must be recycled. Ink cartridges and copier toners pose a danger to wildlife and water supplies if thrown out with the office trash. Getting rid of ink cartridges and toners with the office trash can result in your used inks and toner cartridges being dumped into landfill sites which mean they could end up polluting water tables and land. Many States have made it illegal to dump used, old and even empty toners and cartridges for printers and copying equipment. That is why here at the ‘Computer Disposal’ recycling center we provide a landfill FREE CARTRIDGE and TONER DISPOSAL by recycling facility.

You can send us your offices old cartridges and toners and we’ll ensure they are recycled on your behalf, keeping your business legal and your environment safe. We recommended that you store you used or empty toners office printer cartridges until you have 20 or 30 – it helps keep the cost of collection or shipment down if you recycle in bulk.

CLICK HERE for more information or to organize the collection or to send us your office used, spent or empty cartridges and toners.

How to Recycle a Printer Ink Cartridge or Copier Toner

We recommend that you call us and ask for a recycling box or use a general cardboard box to store up as many toner cartridges for recycling as is possible. Storing your empty toner cartridges in a box until you feel you have enough to recycle makes great sense, it means you have cut down on the amount of transport required for collections or shipments, thus lowering pollution even further. Thinking about our environment and being aware of recycling means you are making the difference, we thank you for recycling with us.

Recycling for Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

We recycle both brand and non brand toners and cartridges for printers and copiers listed below:
  • Hewlett-Packard cartridge recycling
  • Epson laser cartridge recycling
  • Elite laser cartridge recycling
  • Canon toner cartridge recycling
  • Lexmark International cartridge recycling
  • Brother Industries cartridge recycling
  • Xerox toner cartridge recycling
  • Color Laboratories toner recycling
  • Sharp laser cartridge recycling
  • Nu-kote toner cartridge recycling
  • Imation toner cartridge recycling
  • DYMO toner cartridge recycling
  • Oki printer toner cartridge recycling

Where to Recycle your old or used Office Printer Cartridges and Toners

Welcome to the Computer Disposal recycling service for office printer ink cartridges and office copier toners.

We recycle cartridges and toners for NY including Long Island and NYC, NJ, PA, CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, VT and VA. We are also toner and ink cartridge recycling partners with:

Village Office Supply (toner and ink cartridge recycling partner)

New Jersey Electronics Disposal and Recycling Center (toner and ink cartridge recycling partner)

New Tech Recycling (toner and ink cartridge recycling partner)

If your business or organisation uses any of the above list recyclers and has an account with Village Office Supply you can schedule the collection of your used toners and printer cartridges with your next office supplies delivery. Alternatively you can ask us, we organize a collection for you or arrange to have your old, used toners and cartridges sent to our recycling center for disposal.

CLICK HERE to schedule the collection of your used toners and printer cartridges or
Inks & Toner Recycling

Brands and Non Brand Toner & Cartridge Recycling

It doesn’t matter what make or brand your empty cartridges are we can recycle them, even if it’s a non brand cartridge we can dispose of it safely for you.

We accept ink cartridges and toners for all laser printers, photocopiers, inkjet printers, office copiers, all office printers and even fax machines.

Recycling and Disposal for Copier Toner Cartridges

We recycle both brand and non brand toners and cartridges for printers and copiers listed below:
  • Canon, Inc Copier Toner Recycling
  • Nu-kote Toner Recycling
  • Xerox Cartridge Disposal
  • Ricoh Cartridge Disposal
  • Sharp Toner Recycling
  • Konica Toner Recycling
  • Kyocera Mita Cartridge Disposal
  • Toshiba Cartridge Disposal
  • Oki Toner Recycling
  • Elite Copier Toner Recycling
  • Lanier Copier Toner Recycling
  • Lexmark Toner Recycling
  • Panasonic Copier Toner Recycling

Recycling Inkjet Printer Supplies

We recycle both brand and non brand toners and cartridges for printers and copiers listed below:
  • Lexmark Ink Cartridge Disposal
  • Elite Ink Cartridge Recycled
  • Xerox Ink Cartridge Disposal
  • HP Ink Cartridge Recycled
  • Oki Ink Cartridge Recycled
  • IBM Printer Cartridge Recycling
  • Brother Cartridge Recycling
  • Samsung Printer Cartridge Recycling
  • Canon Printer Cartridge Recycling
  • Nu-kote Printer Cartridge Recycling
  • Panasonic Printer Cartridges Recycled
  • Verbatim Cartridge Recycling
  • Tallygenicom Cartridge Recycling
  • Sharp Printer Cartridges Recycled
  • Ricoh Printer Cartridge Recycling
  • PM Printer Cartridge Recycling
  • Toshiba Printer Cartridges Recycled
  • Epson Printer Cartridges Recycled
  • Konica Minolta Cartridges Disposal
  • Lanier Printer Cartridges Recycled
  • Muratec Printer Cartridges Recycled
  • Kyocera Disposal and Recycled
To arrange a collection or ask for a List of Pick-Up Partners, Drop-in locations or enquire about postal options or to send us a question please CLICK HERE or call us today – office hours are from 9am to 5pm Est
Recycling and Disposal for Office Printer and Copier Toners and Cartridges.

“How Serious an Issue is E-Waste?”

Congress has formed an E-Waste Working Group to tackle the growing problem of junk electronics such as computers and your office ink cartridges and toners. Electronic waste or E-Waste as it’s become known includes computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers, telephones, cell phones, fluorescent lamps, batteries and many of the devices we use in the working environment. By recycling you empty or used copier and office printer toners and cartridges you are doing your bit to help.

If you are interested in more information about regulations and laws on e-waste you can visit the below website:



Recycling empty toners and cartridges for your office printers and copiers

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