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E-Waste Collection for Disposal Service Virginia

Is it time to get rid of your unwanted office IT equipment & PC’s and monitors? Do you have servers, computer screens, laptops, printers and copiers that you need to dispose of? Contact Computer Disposal today, we provide a full service disposal and electronics recycling landfill free service for the entire State of Virginia.

Arrange the collection of all office IT equipment computers and monitors

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What’s the Collection and Disposal Cost for Recycling PC’s and Computer Monitors?

If you need to arrange a pickup for disposal of your office used computers and IT hardware (including printer cartridges) we offer one of the most affordable solutions. Our service packages can include the following:

On site dismantlement of IT equipment (computer networks etc.).
Collection of all shape and size of servers and server racks.
Collection of all types of computers, PC’s, Mac’s and Mainframes.
Collection and safe disposal of CRT old computer monitors
Collection for recycling of all IT related products from Toners to Copiers.
Recycling of all electronics and hand held devices (PDA, Cell Phones etc.).
De-manufacturing (taking apart to reclaim (recycle) plastic, alloys and glass) all PC’s and computer hardware.
Data Destruction which includes hard drive wiping and memory destroying.
PC audits and reconditioning for employee purchase programs and corporate donation schemes.

If you require any of the above services please contact us with the service you require and the volume of computer equipment you need recycling and we will provide a quote. You can CLICK HERE to take advantage of our on-line quotation service.

Disposing of PC and Office Electronics in Virginia

You may already know that laws have been passed to prevent e-waste such as computers, servers, monitors and things like printers and copiers from being processed as solid waste. Solid waste is the trash your office throws out that either ends up in a landfill in Virginia or get burnt.

Throughout the country businesses and organizations have been fined and prosecuted for throwing out old PC’s with the regular trash. Even dumping PC’s and IT equipment into dumpsters is illegal.

The State of Virginia is encouraging business to take measures that ensure their E-JUNK is disposed of properly, with recycling being the only tangible method of PC disposal it has fallen to enterprises like ours to rise to the challenge. And risen we have, now providing computer and office IT equipment recycling for 11 States and a extended nationwide wide recyclers coverage Computer Disposal is helping thousands of businesses ensure they dispose of their unwanted electronics safely and within State recycling law requirements.

"PC Recycling Keeps Virginia a Green State and E-Waste FREE! Thank You For Doing Your Bit to Help"

Choosing Computer Disposal

Recycling & Disposal Service for all your business E-Waste You need your old PC’s and office equipment collected, data wiped, hard drives destroyed and computers recycled. You also need to make sure that the company doing it is reliable, trustworthy and professional. Our New Technologies recycling facility is a member of the “International Association of Electronics Recyclers” and holds valid recycling permits. Our facilities are open to regular inspections and our team of highly skilled De-manufacturing engineers’ are all handpicked by the CEO and management team. We are also one of the largest recycling organizations in the North East USA. Every client is looked after with a red carpet treatment, we recognize the importance of making everything flow effortlessly so you can focus on what you do best and we can focus on being the best at recycling.

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