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E-Waste Recycling for Vermont

Recycling Office IT Equipment & PC’s in Vermont

Are you asking “where do we recycle old computers, monitors and office IT equipment in Vermont”? Or are you just wondering how to dispose of your office IT equipment, PC’s and their monitors? The answer is simple contact us and will organize a collection of your business e-waste and dispose of obsolete PC’s, monitors and IT equipment via recycling it.

“What is Electronic Waste and eCycling in Vermont?”

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a generalization for all junk, scrap, trash and unwanted computers, electronic products, printers and copiers that are discarded by businesses and organization in the State of Vermont. What does your business need to get rid of, we offer a range of recycle services for the following:

• Computer monitors
• Computers and computer peripherals (e.g., monitors and keyboards)
• Telephones, cellular phones and other wireless devices
• Fax and copy machines (including printers)

Recycling doesn’t me reselling your old office computer it means dismantling it or as we call it de-manufacturing. We take apart each computer and monitor by hand, striping out all the plastics, wires and metals so they can be recycled.

“Keeping Vermont a Landfill FREE Computer Disposal Zone”

It’s now mandatory to recycle unwanted office computers and IT equipment in most States because of new laws that exclude e-waste from landfills because they contain toxins that can damage the environment and even create a risk to human life.

If you want to organize the collection of office equipment and PC’s ready for the trash please CLICK HERE and send us a brief explanation of what you need picking up. Our aim is to keep Vermont a landfill FREE computer disposal zone! Thanks for making the right choice.

Arranging a Pick of Old IT and Office Equipment in Vermont

The power to dispose of all your trash electronics via recycling is in your hands. It is illegal to dump business e-waste and used computers, PC monitors, cartridges and printers in with the regular trash. The best and by far safest way to dispose of your office e-waste is to have it recycled.

Telephone Us Today For PC Recycling

Recycling PC’s, monitors, printers and IT equipment is simple, it starts with a call to us or you can send us a request for a pick up by clicking here.
Recycling PC's and IT Office Equipment Please provide us with you business or organizations name, the area in Vermont you are located and a list of what you need recycling. To get rid of big objects that your business needs to dispose of such as photocopier machines, networks, servers or mainframes please make sure you specify the make and if possible model. It helps us send the right recycling crew and sized trucks for the job.

“Special PC Recycling Service for Vermont”

Is your business replacing its servers, mainframes and obsolete computer systems? Do you need to get rid of them but you are worried about the hard drive information or data files held on the servers / computers being recovered and falling into the wrong hands? You will be pleased to hear that offers a full range of data destruction and hard drive wiping services.

We have a NEW TECH PC and Server memory formatting center in NY that specializes in the total destruction of all server, laptop and computer memory. The recycling facility is home to some of the most advanced disposal and recycling technology in the world. We open the facility to any clients with over 300 PC’s and monitors that need recycling. That said we also have open days where you are welcome to visit and watch our teams at work.

When organizing a pickup of your office old PC’s and IT equipment be sure to ask about our hard drive wiping services.

If you are not based in Vermont Click here to select the State you need a collection organized from.
Arrange a Pickup of old office equipment and computers

Disposing of Office Electronics in Vermont

What are the hazards of old computer equipment? PC and office IT disposal is a serious environmental issue. Toxic materials including mercury, lead, bromine and even chlorine are normally used in producing computers and other IT electronics. If these devices are dumped into normal waste areas, the toxins can soak out into our groundwater. Even if we burn e-waste these toxins can be released from the incinerator emissions and ash.

“Vermont is Experiencing a Crisis in Electronic Waste”

Hazardous IT waste must be processed properly that’s why we at have created this website. Our aim is to help you recycle and not trash! We take the pain out of recycling and subsidize costs by reclaiming as much materials as is possible. Using us to collect and dispose of all your office PC’s, Servers, Monitors and IT equipment is the professionals choice – we are here to help you manage your e-waste and welcome your call.

“Landfill Free I.T. E-Waste Recycling”

What Materials Are Accepted for E-Waste Recycling?

The following items are acceptable for recycling:

Computers & Accessories Recycling
Cables – (recycled metals)
CPUs Recycled
Hubs Recycling
Keyboards Recycled
Laptops Recycled and Data Wiped
Memory Data Wiped
Monitors Recycled (Inc CRT)
Routers Recycled
Servers are recycled and data is wiped
Speakers accepted for recycling
Switches Recycled
UPS Systems Recycled
Wires – (recycled metals)

Telephone Us Today For PC Recycling

All Handheld Devices are recycled including the disposal for Cell Phones, Pagers and PDAs

We also recycle all electronic office equipment:

Fax Machines Recycling and Disposal

Photocopiers Recycling and Disposal

Printers Recycling and Disposal

Scanners Recycling and Disposal

Surge Protectors Recycling and Disposal

Telephones Recycling and Disposal

E-Waste Office Disposal Service of Counties in Vermont:

Recycling Center for Addison County

Recycling for Bennington County

Office Disposal for Caledonia County

Recycling Center for Chittenden County

Recycling for Essex County

Office Disposal for Franklin County

Recycling Center for Grand Isle County

Recycling for Lamoille County

Office Disposal for Orange County

Recycling and Disposal for Orleans County

Recycling Center for Rutland County

Recycling for Washington County

Office Disposal for Windham County

Recycling Center for Windsor County

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