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IT Equipment & PC Recycling for Your Office

The USA is the largest consumer of electric goods in the world, millions of tons of metals, plastics, glass and materials are mined or imported every year for use in manufacturing computers, laptops, servers, PDA’s, computer monitors, printers and copiers.

“Keeping the USA Clean, Green & E-Waste Free!”

Stopping for one moment to think of our old office PC’s and monitors just as raw materials it wouldn’t take much of an imagination to see mountains of steel, lead, alloys, plastics and glass. So what happens to these mountains of valuable resources, well they were being buried in our landfill sites. Some landfills might even contain more metals than a mine itself!

It stands to make perfectly good sense that we should be reusing the materials from junk IT equipment and computers but reason is the last voice to be heard in our fast pace working life, until recently.

It transpires that our old computers, monitors and IT equipment from the office contains more than the basic manufacturing materials; they also hold substances which are toxic if released into the earth. Materials as deadly as mercury can be found in most PC’s and electronics. That is why most States in the USA are passing new recycling legislations to classify e-waste (electronic waste) as hazardous. In English that translates to all businesses having to treat the way they discard their used and unwanted PC’s, servers and computer screens totally differently from throwing them out with the regular trash or in a dumpster.

Recycling electronics and office equipment such as computers and monitors is by far the best method of ensuring we’re not kill ourselves but just what happens to your old PC’s and monitors once you want to get rid of them?
It all starts with a phone call or by sending a request for help to us; we’ll send over a team to collect your unwanted computers and IT equipment from your offices. We can even help dismantle networks, racks of servers, telephone systems and more at your location, saving you the time and effort.

Once we’ve collected your PC’s, servers, monitors and junk IT equipment we’ll start extracting all the hard drives (providing you’ve requested this service). Each hard drive will be tagged and then go through two processes of data and file wiping. Once the hard drive disk is wiped clean we then destroy the hard drive itself, ensuring your business data stays out of the wrong hands.

Once your business security needs are met we then move on to de-manufacturing the equipment. De-manufacturing is the opposite of manufacturing i.e. we take the equipment apart, separating it as we go into its recyclable materials. Nothing goes to waste, alloy, wire, plastic and even glass can be reclaimed for manufacturing in new products.

Recycling certain IT equipment requires special skills, for example taking apart a computer or photocopier requires someone that knows their way around the machine. We don’t just take a hammer to the equipment, the fastest way to separate materials is simply to reverse build the computer.

Computer monitors, especially CRT monitors (the big cathode ray tube screens) require specialized equipment in the recycling process. We have equipment built in England and shipped to us here in the USA. This equipment is some of the most cutting edge recycling equipment on the face of the planet. We’ve also invented some of our own recycling technology; we hold patents on data destruction hardware and computer screen recycling systems that put us at the cutting edge of the recycling industry.

Is your business to small for us to manage? No, it’s true we do manage organizations -
that have hundreds and sometimes thousands of old computer monitors, PC’s and Servers that need recycling but we still collect and recycle even a few old computers and monitors. Our job is simple; keep the USA clean, green and e-waste free!

Arranging a Pickup from Your Office

Disposing of IT electronics in the United States of America is no small job, thankfully we are well staffed and have a fleet of nationwide trash collection trucks especially designed to manage e-waste, computers, monitors and bigger objects such as server racks and copiers.

If your office is looking for someone to collect, dispose of and recycle your old PC’s and IT hardware you need to do the following.

Click Here to send us the specifications of what you need collecting for example “I have 20 monitors and Computers that need collecting”. Then state where you need us to collect these unwanted computers from – address, zip code and company name. We’ll take your e-mail address and phone number and then contact you to work out a time and to let you know the cost (if there is one).

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Computer Recycling Should Be Free!

The school of thought on the cost of recycling is this a. Manufactures should factor in a recover cost for their old equipment b. The state taxes should be directed to recycling e-waste c. Businesses should pay to have their e-waste collected or drop it in themselves.

A, B or C all equate to you having to pay, all be it in the cost of purchase, increased taxes or paying to have someone collect your junk computers. There’s no such thing as free but there is such a thing as subsidized through good sense and that’s where we come in to play.

We aim to keep the cost to your business or organization as low as possible, granted services like data destruction and on location disassembly have to be paid for but we can help keep it cost effective by well organized e-waste management programs? The cost of raw materials fluxes with the markets but as a rule of thumb the de-manufacturing can cover its own costs. So the bottom line is always going to be cheaper than you might think.

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