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Office Equipment & PC Recycling

Are you a business or organization in NYC or New York State that needs to dispose of obsolete computer equipment? Do you need to get rid of old computers, servers, monitors and laptops? Are you wondering how to throwaway office printers, copiers, cartridges and toners? Or are you asking yourself where to dump office equipment such as mainframes, phone systems and other such electronics?

“We are here to Help You Recycle Office Equipment and Computers”

Our PC and Office Equipment recycling service is designed to help you manage all your office e-waste. We collect, destroy and recycle all types shapes and sizes of computers, servers, laptops, PC monitors and office electronics.

PC Disposal Service NY and NYC Recycling

If your business in NY needs to make sure that no information is left on the computer be sure to ask about our data destruction and hard drive wiping services. Our server disposal and recycling options include high yield electromagnetic data wiping which obliterates all files and data from any hard drive disk or computer memory system.
New York recycling laws prohibit the dumping of computers and electronic office equipment, failure to follow these laws will result in prosecution. We offer you office a hassle free computer disposal for recycling service that allows you to focus on what counts, your business! We’ll make sure that all NY recycling laws and regulations are met and that your office equipment is properly dispose of. You are welcome to tour our facilities, we manage the safe disposal of tens of thousands of computers, servers, PC’s and electronics. Our collection team are friendly professionals and e-waste management teams are some of the best in the country at what they do. Call us today to find out how we can help you dispose of office computers, servers and office equipment.

More info about why you should recycle old PC’s ‘click here’.

Office Electronics & Computer Disposal Service NY

NYC and NY State PC Recyclers and E-Waste Control

“A part from being the most environmentally sound option we are also one of the best priced”

New York State and NYC is one of the largest business consumers of office electronics and computers in the USA. As a result NY and NYC produce more E-Waste that any other state comparative to its geographical size. Hundreds of thousands of old unwanted office computers, monitors, laptops, servers and other such pieces of office equipment are scheduled for disposal. Prior to the introduction of recycling laws in New York these junk computers and PC monitors were destined to be dumped in landfill sites. The sheer size and volume of landfills needed to meet this e-waste disposal requirement was unprecedented. The risk of toxins from old PC’s and Computer Screens leaking into the earth became so high that the State passed recycling laws that made it mandatory that all electrical equipment from offices must be recycled.
NYC and NY businesses have been encouraged to recycle old PC’s and Servers through donation schemes, i.e. donating your office hardware to schools and charities. Most businesses, organizations and firms in New York and NYC are very reluctant to donate their unwanted computers. Fears related to data security are one of the biggest concerns in donating old computers. Data held on hard drives disks and memory might be vulnerable to theft, that’s why we offer a fully computer demanufacturing disposal service.

Computer demanufacturing means that we will take apart you old, used or broken computer monitors, PC’s, servers and laptops. We’ll totally destroy the hard drive and reclaim all the materials from your businesses computers by melting down metals and recycling plastics. We are truly recycling you obsolete computers and servers, leaving nothing to chance.

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Apart from being the most environmentally sound option we are also one of the best priced, for a e-mail quote please CLICK HERE.

Arranging a Pickup of Old Office Equipment & Computers

Do you need to arrange a pick up for disposing of your old photocopier, laptops, computer screens and old PC monitors in New York? Do you need your old computer network removing? We can help with all types of removals and e-trash collection from your offices.

As you know unwanted computer hardware such as networks, monitors, laptops and servers are classified as e-waste in New York (and NYC). This means if you need to arrange a pick up you also need to have your e-waste recycled. Ensuring the people that pick up your junk computers recycle is not a problem when you use us. We run a full circle collection and recycling service. We have a fleet of e-waste collection trucks and a fully certified recycling facility all under the same roof. We are one of the few recyclers in NY that can offer an ‘all in one disposal and recycling solution’.

Call us today to arrange a pickup in New York of your obsolete, broken or unwanted computer hardware and monitors. Please notify us if you have any objects such as big photocopiers or electronic equipment that also need collecting.

Click Here for an on-line PC and office equipment collection quote – Hassel Free, Landfill Free Computer Disposal and Recycling Service.
Arranging a Pickup of Old Office Equipment & Computers

Disposing of Electronics in New York and NYC

NY State recycling laws make it compulsory that all e-waste and office electronics need to be recycled. You can no-longer throwaway you old computers and office e-junk (including cartridges, toners, faxes and printers) with the normal trash, they have to be collected by an approved recycler and recycled.

We offer a licensed and approved service that is compliant with all state requirements for recycle computer electronics and office equipment. Every building and office in New York City is required by law to recycle — including city agency, school, institution, and business. Recycling refers to the collection and reprocessing of waste materials into new products.

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