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Office Equipment and PC Recycling New Jersey

Are you working for a city agency, school, institution or business located in New Jersey? Are you looking for a recycler in New Jersey to help manage your e-waste (electronic waste)? Is your office throwing out its old computer systems, networks, phones and PC monitors or do you just have office electronics like printers fax machines and copiers you need disposing of? WE CAN HELP YOU RECYCLE THEM!

“Recycling E-Waste for New Jersey is What We Do!”

We are one of the few businesses in the USA that specialize in providing a full disposal and recycling service for PC’s, office computer systems and equipment.

We provide the following:

Low cost collection and removals service for the entire New Jersey area

Computer memory and hard disk (hard drive) destruction and data sterilization

Hardware disassembly and FULL materials recycling

CRT computer monitor recycling

New Jersey (NJDEP) State approved facilities with air and environmental permits

Our New Jersey recycling center is one of the most advanced facilities in the USA, boasting cutting edge technology especially designed for computer recycling and hard drive destruction.

“A Low Cost High Level Recycling Service”

Our recycling program extends to computer accessories like printer cartridges and copier toners. If you have old printer cartridges or toners that you need recycling please let us know. We operate a recycling partnership with Village Office Supply (a New Jersey based office supplies business If you are a Village Office Supply client be sure to let them know you have cartridges that need recycling and they will collect them with their next delivery.

Disposing of Electronics in New Jersey (Computer & Electronics Recycler NJ)

This is where you recycle all your unwanted PC’s, laptops, servers, computer monitors and electrical office equipment New Jersey. We operate a full collection service so if you need your offices computers or equipment recycled and you are based in New Jersey call us today and will arrange a ‘pick up time’.

“If you’re not based in New Jersey CLICK HERE for a list of other States we recycle PC’s and office equipment for.”

Disposing of your office computers and obsolete equipment is easy to do with “”. As you know it’s now illegal to dump you office computers and equipment in the trash, all e-waste (electronic waste) in New Jersey has to be recycled. We collect computers and electronic office equipment (including computer monitors) recycle their materials such as plastic and metal and destroy their hard drives (computer memory containing your business’s information, files or documents). We truly offer a full cycle recycling and disposal service.

Computer & Electronic Recycling Partnerships

We are able to provide e-waste disposal and recycling services through partnerships with local businesses and governmental authorities within our partnership program. If you are in need of our recycling services and you feel you could benefit by joining our partnership program please call us today.

“Office Supplies Recycling”

We currently work with Village Office Supply helping their clients recycle their office equipment such as inks and toners, cartridges and old computers. We also work with the “New Jersey Electronics Disposal and Recycling Center” which is a computer & electronics disposal service provider for NJ. More information about the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center can be found at: USA Electronics Disposal Recycling Center NJ

“Landfill FREE”

Our main partnership is with Newtech Recycling Inc. Newtech (NT recycling) is an electronics recycling center with its head quarters in New Jersey. Through NT recycling we help process all of Sony Ericsson electronic goods. More information about Sony Ericsson recycling can be found more information about recycling with NT can be found at Newtech Recycling

Other Resources include:
New Jersey department of environmental protection

New Jersey governmental e-waste management

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