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Disposing of Office Electronics in Massachusetts

PC equipment and office electronics such as servers, computer monitors, copiers fax machines, toners, cartridges and printers need to be disposed of separately from you normal office trash. Dumping used, old or broken computers and equipment is now illegal in Massachusetts because this type of hardware is classified as toxic.

“Do Not Worry About E-Waste Recycle IT”

When we say toxic please do not worry unnecessarily, all of us use computers and office equipment daily. The toxic elements in computers are hazardous when dumped into the ground that is why the State Massachusetts requires that all office equipment including telephones, computers and especially computer monitors be recycled not dumped.

“What is Computer Recycling?”

PC and Computer Monitor recycling simply means that rather than an office computer getting compacted into the ground in a landfill it is dismantled and the metals are reused. It is possible to reclaim most the materials from old PC’s and office equipment by recycling which means they are kept out of land. Clean land means clean drinking water, less danger to us and the wildlife of Massachusetts.

“How do I Recycle Office PC’s and Equipment?”

Do you need to get rid of your old office computers and monitors; do you have a printer or copier that needs trashing? We can help your business or organisation! Our collection and disposal for recycling service is just the start we also offer businesses based in Massachusetts a full range of E-Waste management solutions. Hard Drive data formatting, on location disassembly of bulky servers, copiers, networks and more, plus we offer PC recycling audits and donation programs if desired.

Office Equipment & PC Recycling

We recycle most office equipment, pretty much anything with a plug or battery can be recycled. The most common products we recycle are listed below:
  • Recycle PC’s
  • Recycle Computer Hardware
  • Recycle Servers
  • Disposal for Computer Data Storage
  • Recycle Keyboards
  • Recycle Monitors
  • Recycle CRT Computer Screens
  • Recycle Copiers & Printers
  • Recycle Printer Cartridges & Toners
  • Recycle Networks
  • Recycle Mainframes
  • Recycle Telephone Systems

“Where to Recycle Massachusetts”

If you are thinking “where to recycle in Massachusetts” think ‘Recycle PC Dispose’ our no quibble, hassle FREE computer recycling and office equipment disposal service is part of a NEW TECH Recycling program that ensures your business and organisation is legally compliant with all of Massachusetts E-Waste recycling laws.

“Computer Screens are Banned from Massachusetts Landfills and Combustion Facilities”

What’s the cost of disposing of old, broken or unwanted PC’s and Computer Hardware? Well apart from the cost in damage to the environment if we don’t recycle the cost to your business is minimal. You’ll be surprised not just by our high level of service but by our great corporate recycling packages.
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Arranging a Pick of Old Equipment

“Massachusetts Recycles Old Computers, Office Equipment, Printers & Electronics”.

Non-working electronics should be recycled to prevent lead, mercury and other toxics they contain from posing the environment. Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in most computer and television screens pre-dating flat panels - are banned from Massachusetts landfills and combustion facilities. If you have any junk PC’s or computer monitors that you need to dispose of please contact us to arrange a business collection.

“Who Can Collect Our Offices Old Computers, Electronics & E-Waste?”

Businesses will be charged for a collection – we recommend that you group all of your unwanted office electronic equipment and computers to reduce the amount of collections required.

“Our Recycling Center Can Help Keep it Simple”

Open 9am to 5pm to help with all your business E-Waste management, big or small

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Massachusetts Used PC and Old Office Computers - Collection Service for Recycling in MA

The safe disposal of all your office equipment from Servers to Workstations is paramount; we ensure that PC recycling is a painless process with minimum interruption to your working day.

"Recycle in MA Today"

Massachusetts PC and Computer Monitor Recycling Laws

If you require more detailed information about recycling laws in the State of Massachusetts you can visit the below governmental websites or contact us directly.

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“Hassel FREE Computer Recycling”

Additional Support information:

“Watch Us Recycle Your Old PC's and Computer Monitors”

We’ve made a few movies to show our recycling center at work, you’ll be able to what happens as your old computers and monitors are dismantled into their composite materials all of which can be recycled. This short movie shows just how much work goes into recycling you old office equipment; it’s great to see the recycling process in action. We hope you enjoy the movie.

Click here for a list of movies about disposing of old unwanted office PC monitors and recycling old office computers.

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