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Office Equipment & PC Recycling in Maryland (MD)

Are you thinking “where to dispose of old office computers in Maryland (MD)?” or “who can collect (pick up) computers and office equipment in MD?”. If you are thinking those questions then welcome to the official website of Computer Disposal, we can help you and your business or organisation.

“PC and Office Equipment Disposal?
Maryland (MD) Leads The Way”

Computer Disposal specializes in the safe disposal of all office and industrial electronics from PC’s to servers, photocopiers to toner cartridges we collect and recycle the lot!

“Not Just Recycling PC's”

You might be aware of the new recycling legislations in Maryland (MD) that prohibit a business from throwing out old computer systems, telephones and just about anything with a plug on it. The reason why these new recycling requirements have been put in place is because most office electronics have now been classified as unsuitable for landfill sites due to toxic materials held within CPU’s, batteries and other such components.

"We Help Your Business Manage All Its E-Waste"

We help your business manage all its E-Waste by providing a disposal collection (pick-up) service. We also provide de-manufacturing services including data destruction (destroying your computers memory, hard drives and information) so your assured that your business PC’s and the data on them doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Arrange a Collect of Your Old PC’s

Computer Disposal through its NEW TECH RECYCLERS program is a fully licensed recycling facility accomplished in all methods of Computer, Computer Monitor, Server and Office Electronics disposal. Our PC recycling service extends to all businesses, organizations, schools and institutions in and around the State of Maryland (MD).

"Fully Licensed Recycling Facility"

If you are located in Maryland (MD) and need to dispose of PC’s, Servers, Laptops and other office equipment please contact us to arrange a collection.

Telephone Us Today For PC Recycling Our hours of operation are from 9am to 5pm but we also offer an E-mail response service that you can use by CLICKING HERE.

Arranging a Pick of Old Computers, Servers and Office Equipment in MD

Disposing of computer equipment and electronics in Maryland is simple, and hassle free! You do not have to worry about recycling the right way, we take care of all your State recycling requirements. All you need to do is contact us and let us know how many PC’s, Servers, Monitors and Workstations you need collecting. Be sure to inform us of any bulky office equipment that you need disposing of such as Photocopiers or Mainframes.

Please also be aware that we will need to know in advance if we are required to disassemble any computer networks or equipment on location. We need to make sure we are sending the write team for the right job. If it’s just a simple case of collecting unwanted, used or broken equipment please state its condition. Broken glass from monitors will need to be boxed.

Our disposal service is fast, professional and designed not to get in the way of your day to day operations. It’s our job to help you manage all your E-Waste and we want to do it with the minimum of interruption to your business.

Arranging a Pick of Old Computers, Servers and Office Equipment in MD

“I need someone to remove our old PC’s and Servers in our Maryland (MD) offices and other offices in different states can you do it all?”

This a question we get asked a lot, the answer is YES NOT A PROBLEM – our collection service consists of a fleet of recycling trucks and recycling centers around the entire North East USA. We are able to manage even the largest of businesses, sometimes removing thousands of computers and computer monitors.

Call us today for help or alternatively click here to send us a message, question or to request a quote for a disposal collection service.

Computer Recycling Service

“Recycling Thousands of Computers and Computer Monitors”

We dispose of tens of thousands of computers and monitors via recycling the materials they are made from.

"From ‘Pick Up’, Hard Drive Wiping and Destruction"

Disposing of computers from firms, businesses and organisations requires highly skilled workers that are trained to manage everything from ‘Pick Up’, Hard Drive Wiping and Destruction right through to unit de-manufacturing.

Our recycling center is regularly inspected to ensure all environmental requirements are met, our NJDE approved facilities are some of the best in the Nation and can provide with a full range of services.

Computer & Server Disposal Services for Maryland:

Our recycling skills cover every type of electronic device and piece of equipment found in the office.

Basic Services Include:

Pick Up for Disposal / Recycling
Asset Recovery
Donation Program
Hard Drive Wiping (EMFC)
Data Destruction (Disk Destroyed)
Full Recycle of Materials

“PC and Office Equipment Recycling Regulations”

The State of Maryland passed an electronic waste (e-waste) recycling law that calls for computers to be recycled. Governor Robert Ehrlich Jr. signed bill (HB-575) into law, under the terms of the bill, a program has been establish that allows for the safe recycling of electronic products. Maryland joins California and Maine as states that require the recycling of e-waste. Several bills aimed at creating a national ‘e-waste’ recycling system has been introduced in Congress, Maryland is leading the way in computer of office electronics recycling.

“Landfill FREE PC & Office Equipment Recycling”

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