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Eco Friendly Computer Recycling & DisposalComputer & Electronics Disposal Service
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Disposing of Electronics in Maine

“Attention Businesses and Organizations in Maine!”

You and Your Business may be at risk of State prosecution if you fail to recycle you computer hardware and office electronics correctly. You CAN NOT throwaway your used, old, broken or unwanted PC’s, Servers, Printers and Copiers with the normal trash. If you do you may be fined heavily.

“Our Job is to Help Your Business Dispose of all its Unwanted Electronics and Computer Systems”

Computer Disposal focuses on providing the businesses and organisations including schools and industries of Maine (ME) with a full recycling and disposal service for their unwanted, used, broken or obsolete computer equipment.

Recycling PC’s & Computer Hardware in Maine (ME)

“Why do I Need to Recycle old PC’s?”

Many electronic waste goods are regulated as hazardous waste when generated by businesses. PC Screens, especial CRT monitors and computers contain toxic materials that can be released upon disposal, posing a threat to human health and the environment.

Maine is a very proactive State for computer and office electronics recycling, passing new regulations that ensure the safety of its people.

“We Recycle All Office Equipment & PC”

Recycling means that we will collect and destroy all your office equipment and computers. Stripping them apart so that all the materials can be melted down or reclaimed. This process ensures the equipment stays out of the landfill and keeps you on the right side of the State laws for recycling.

Arranging a Pick UP in Maine (ME)

We can collect bulk numbers of computers, monitors and office equipment. If your work place needs to dispose of its obsolete computer hardware, servers, printers and fax machines please call us today to arrange for help.

To arrange the collection of your business junk or scrap computers and electronics click here or

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“Recycle Your Old Hardware in Maine Today”

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“The Cost of Computer Recycling”

If we don’t recycle our junk PC’s and obsolete computers can you imagine how much space in the ground they would take up? Well by 2020 we would have lost hundred upon hundreds of miles of land to E-Waste. The real question is why bury IT equipment why not just reclaim their materials. Glass, plastic and metal can all be salvaged, all be it at a cost but the price is a lot lower than having our water polluted from toxic landfills filled to the brink with trashed PC’s, laptops and old office printers.

“FREE Computer Recycling Has To Means Landfill FREE”

If you are in charge of disposing of your business PC’s and computer monitors we invite you to use our services. We have been set up to help ensure that your e-waste gets managed properly call us today and speak to one of our recycling managers.

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