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Office Equipment & PC Recycling

If your organization or business is based in the state of Connecticut and you need to get rid of old used computers and office equipment we can help you. Disposing of used electronics such as PC’s, computer monitors, printers, copiers, CPU’s, toners, cartridges and all electrical devices is not as simple as dumping them with the regular trash. Office equipment and computers have to be recycled; in fact all electrical equipment now has to be recycled in Connecticut due to changes in environmental laws.

“Connecticut Recycles the Right Way”

PC’s and office equipment is not hard to dispose of simply contact us to arrange a collection. You can call us or if it’s out of hours send us a message and we will contact you to discuss your needs. Telephone Us Today For PC Recycling or alternatively CLICK HERE to send us a message.

“Leading the Future in Recycling”

Our New-Tech processing facility is one of the most advanced in the country making us one of the leading recyclers. Connecticut falls under our catchment for computer disposal and office equipment recycling; we have an extensive local client base that covers every type of business:

All sized B2B & B2C Businesses
Recycling and Disposal for Call Centers
Legal & Accounting Firms
Research & Development Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Recycling for Educational Sectors
Disposal for Governmental Sectors
Recycling and Disposal for Institutions
Recycling for Disposal Businesses

To read more about Hard Drive Data Wiping ‘Click Here’.

Computer Recycling for Connecticut

Connecticut's Electronic Recycling Laws cover all electronic devices. Regulated under the law, are computers, computer monitors and other such electronic equipment. The Department of Environmental Protection is currently developing regulations to expand that list of electronic waste (E-waste) items.

“Connecticut E-waste Management”

E-waste from non-residential sources (commercial, governmental, retail, etc.) are regulated under current federal and state hazardous waste laws. All non-residential e-waste must be managed as either hazardous waste or a universal waste.

“Connecticut Recycles E-waste”

When you use Computer Disposal to collect you old computers, monitors and office equipment you are choosing to do what’s right for the environment and you’ll be compliant with Connecticut State (CT) Recycling Laws.

Telephone Us Today For PC Recycling Click Here to arrange a collection of your E-Waste.

Information relating to computer recycling regulations can be found at:

Disposing of Electronics in Connecticut

Listed below and right are a few of the office and business electronics we recycle:

A List Disposal & Recycling CT
Alarm systems
B List Disposal & Recycling CT
Broken Equipment
C List Disposal & Recycling CT
Cables and Cabling
Call Centre Equipment
Cell Phones
Client Server
Circuitry and Circuit boards
Computer Monitors
Computer Screens
Computer Server
Computer Towers
CRT Monitors
D List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Desktop Computer
E List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Electric Wiring
F List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Fax Machines  
H List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Hands Free Systems
Hard Drive Destruction
I List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Ink Jet Printers
Inkjet Cartridges
K List Disposal & Recycling CT.
L List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Lab Equipment
Laptop Computer
Laser Printers
M List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Mainframe Controller
Mainframe Equipment
Medical Equipment
N List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Networks and Network Cables
Network Hubs
Network Monitors
Network Server
Notebooks Computer
O List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Office Copier
Office Printer
Office Equipment (electronics)
Office Telephones
Office PC’s and Hardware
P List Disposal & Recycling CT.
PC Monitors
R - T List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Research Equipment
S List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Security Cameras
Security Systems
Storage Server
Telephone Mainframes
Toner Cartridges
V - W List Disposal & Recycling CT.
Video Conferencing

Arranging a Pick for Connecticut

If you need to dispose of old office computers and used office equipment such as printers and copiers it is as simple as calling us or sending us a message. CLICK HERE. You need to let us know how many PC’s you need disposing of and if there are any bulky or large items you need us to remove.

Please let us know where in Connecticut you are based, a zip code should do. We’ll arrange a collection date for the safe ‘pick up’ of all your unwanted, used, broken or junk computer equipment and PC’s.

If you have any special requirements e.g. ‘hard drive data destruction’ or ‘on site disassembly’ we are happy to help, please inform one of our representatives before we collect. Disposing of used or old office electronics in Connecticut via recycling ensures your business is compliant with State regulations. We operate a landfill FREE computer and office equipment disposal service. Once we have collected your scrap office printers, copiers, computers and monitors we shall send them to our processing plant where they will be taken apart into their composite materials. Alloys, plastic and glass can all be reclaimed for future manufacturing use, this helps cut down some of the collection and disassembly costs.

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