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Disposing of Computers by Recycling

Have your office computers become obsolete, do you need to get rid of your business’s old or broken PC’s and computer monitors? Yes? Then welcome to the official website of ‘Computer Disposal’, specialists in computer disposal and recycling.
Getting Rid of Office Computers We provide a full disposal service for all brands, shapes and sizes of unwanted office computers, monitors and computer peripherals such as keyboards and printers. Our disposal service starts with collecting your company’s old PC’s and ends with recycling all the materials that go into the making of your office workstations, computer monitors and PC equipment.

Do I need to recycle our old PC’s?

Recycling is by far the best way to dispose of your organizations outmoded, no longer needed computers and PC monitors. Did you know that your IT office equipment is now classified as ‘solid toxic waste’? Don’t be alarmed, this just means that materials found in computer components can pollute the earth and drinking water if dumped with the regular office trash. That’s why you shouldn’t throw away your old or broken computers and monitors with the everyday office garbage. In most States it’s now illegal to even throwaway your old PC’s into a dumpster, instead you need to organize a collection for recycling, and that’s where we can help.

‘Computer Disposal’ is an e-waste management company that provides a full collection and disposal service and a governmentally approved computer recycling program for all businesses, organizations and even manufacturers. “Do I need to recycle our old PC’s?” YES YOU DO “who can collect and recycle our old office computers and monitors” Computer Disposal CAN.

What happens to the hard drive data and files on our computers when they are recycled?

Many of our clients ask us for special help in ensuring the hard disk drives are destroyed before the computers are recycled. We understand that you may be concerned about the confidential information held on your computer hard disks being recovered and falling into the wrong hands. Hard disk data security is one of the biggest fears that a company faces when disposing of unwanted or obsolete computers. Our computer disposal facilities have specialized technology that is solely designed with one purpose in mind, namely to ensure that any computer you send us has it’s hard disk drive totally obliterated and all data wiped clean FOR EVER.

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Hard Drive Disk Wipe

“PC Recycling? Think Computer Disposal”

“What materials can be reclaimed from our office computers and PC monitors when we recycling them?”

Your office workstations and computer equipment contain many complex devices, from mother boards to ram, power supplies to CPU coolers. We are often asked “how do you recycle CPU’s and monitors”, if you’d like to see us recycle your old office PC’s and computer monitors you are welcome to organize a visit to our recycling center. The recycling process starts with sorting your unwanted computers and monitors into type groups such as PC towers, desktop computers and computer types like Apple Mac’s, Dell Computers, IBM PC’s and workstations etc.
PICTURE of SORTED PC’s for DISPOSAL Computer Disposal separates and sorts all the computer monitors into type groups for recycling, flat screen monitors are separated from CRT screen monitors. Computer monitors can be bulky in size and when you’re recycling 200 or 300 screens at a time you need plenty of storage space. Our recycling center is capable of housing over 20,000 computer screens and monitors at one given point in time. Thankfully we have cutting edge computer monitor recycling technology that ensures monitors are recycled quickly and that the recycling center never gets over crowded with your old offices computer screens.
PICTURE of SORTED COMPUTER MONITORS READY FOR RECYCLING We start recycling your office computers and monitors by removing the cables, power cables, connector cables and even network cables are removed and dumped into large boxes that can be shipped off to a smelting facility. Cable recycling results in metals such as copper and steel being recovered from the cable wire, these recovered metals can be used again in future manufacturing, saving valuable planetary resources which is great news for the environment.
PICTURE of SORTED COMPUTER and MONITOR CABLES READY FOR RECYCLING Recycling the circuit boards from your offices trash PC’s is by far the hardest thing to do. The recycling engineer needs to dismantle each computer by hand to separate the PC’s circuit boards from the computers base-unit. The old computer and monitor circuit boards are sorted into massive boxes and then sent off to undergo a chemical materials extraction.

PICTURE of SORTED COMPUTER and MONITOR CIRCUIT BOARDS READY FOR RECYCLING We recycle thousands of business computers so you can imagine we’ve got PC disposal down to a fine art, a well trained and experienced recycling engineer can strip a PC down to an empty base unit within 3 minutes. The record is 128 seconds from PC to PC case. Keyboards, mice, computer monitors and the PC itself are all stripped down and reorganized into recycle groups. Power units, base units, motherboards, network cards, drives and even the CPU are all separated and made ready to be recycled.
Picture of Computer Recycling Engineer All the plastic and metal components such as casing and covers are compressed into big separate blocks of plastic and blocks of metal. One block (as seen below) might be made up from as many as 50 old computer units. Now compacted what’s left of the computers plastic and metal is ready to be shipped of and smelted down for reuse.
PICTURE of compressed PC E-Waste
PC’s, computer workstations, monitors, networking cables, modems, routers, keyboard, mice & even USB adapters can all be recycled. Pretty much all of your offices IT equipment can be disposed of by recycling not dumping, at Computer Disposal we pride ourselves on being the States Number One E-Waste management solution provider, please call us today, we are here to help your business recycle.

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